If you are an artist, artisan, craftsman or a creator of anything in small scale or with exclusivity, idling with your creation and wish to see these getting promoted online and in other media – do come and join us. 

What is required is what we provide.

You have your brain child? Just be open minded to be build a fair business with your own creation. You can do business with your original creation or with replicated ones with comprehensive terms appropriately suitable to both.

Flatter both – the creator & the appreciator who buys it. 

You can be associated with the business of CraftLipi as a ‘creator partner’ with terms of business association to have a long term sustainable relationship. As a creator partner you can also engage other artist or artisans in your own group / locality and promote their creation in the same way keeping the business relation and product selection criteria as per policy of CraftLipi. Final selection of the piece of art or creation will be done by the team of CraftLipi only.


If you are game for this beautiful narrative story please ‘Be A Part’. Play it.