Small Combo Pack Tub Candle Holder + HD Aromatic Candle

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Small Combo Pack of 6 Tub Candle Holder + Pack of 12 HD Aromatic Candle

Set of 6 Handcrafted TUB Terracotta Candle holder with Natural raw terracotta finish on the outside and painted golden inside. The Tiny perforations on the outer face add to the lighting effect when lit. comes with a set of 12 Aromatic HD Candles. Perfect to uplift the mood of any room or space. The unique shaped candles do not leave any residues.

Dimensions of Candle Holder : Dia. 6 X Ht. 5.5 cm

These candles measure Dia. 4 cm and height 3.5 cm and weight approx. 15 grams and can be used individually or with candle holders.

Average Burning time 2.5 hours of each candle.