"STRAW DOME" Incense Stick Stand+Pure Dhuna Sticks

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"STRAW DOME" Incense Stick Stand with Pure Dhuna (Natural Resin) Sticks 100pcs : COMBO

Pure Dhuna (Natural Resin) Stick with 45 minutes burning along with handmade terracotta incense stick stand is a perfect combination for day to day use in home and small offices. Fragrance of Natural Dhuna can change the mood of space drastically and it changes the mood and behavior of people in that space too.

This Combo pack contains : 1 incense stick stand with designed cover (handmade terracotta) and 100 pcs handmade dhuna sticks. Only Agarbatti / Dhuna sticks are also available for repeat usage / next purchase when you don't have to but the stand.