Sal Leaf 5.5" Bowls Multi layered /100 pcs

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Sal Leaf Circular Plates : 5.5" inches : Multi layered : EXPORT QUALITY: Set of 100 Bowls for home and party use.

Relish those tasty food in a traditional and eco friendly Bowls. Use it to serve those tasty sabji, snacks or Panipuri. Can be used for Lunch, Dinner and Party purposes. These plates are made with more than two layers of Sal leaves giving it the extra thickness and sturdiness.

These disposable plates and bowls made from Sal leaves leaf are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional disposable plates. The Sal Leaves are a naturally available resources in rural areas of West Bengal which is  collected by the local tribes molded and stitched to form bowls plates. Today this industry is dominated Women workers who are now empowering themselves to a better future.

Sal Trees Grow in the forest of Purulia, Bankura, Medinipur etc. in West Bengal.  Sal Leaves are collected by the local people from the tree so these trees are source of livelihood for them which they protect and worship.

Circular Bowl Dimensions : Dia. 5.5 inch  

Set of 100 Bowls