Sabai Grass Hand Bag (Black Strip)

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Sabai Grass Hand Bag with Black Strip Border : 12.5x15.5 Inches

Sabai Grass Hand Bag (Medium) is a wonderful accessory to carry. Made of Pure Natural Sabai Grass this accessory has a very natural raw look and is fashionable as well. It is suitable for carrying any type of item. The Bag has Black Colored Stripped Border and are handle made of Sabai Grass. It also food safe. This Basket is light weight and sturdy and could be used for carrying various items. The Handle is also made of Sabai Grass.

Bag Size : 12.5x15.5 Inches 

This is handmade product made form 100 % Natural Sabai Grass by the Tribal artisans of Bengal. These artisans have honed this skills from generation to make a wide a variety of daily use item by hand stitching from the Natural products available near them