WAX PILLAR Candles Set of 4 : Large Pack

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Unscented PILLAR CANDLES Set of 4 of Height 3", 6", 9" and 12" and Dia. 3" : Pillar Candles are available white color and . Perfect to uplift the mood of any room or space. The Cylindrical shaped candles are a blend of soy and paraffin wax. These candles can be used individually or with candle holders.

These Pillar Candles come with Terracotta Stand to hold the beautiful Candles Perfect to create a serene environment in the room or for festive seasons and celebrations.

3"x 3" Pillar candle : Dia. 3" x height 3"; Burn time up to 18 hours.

3"x 6" Pillar candle : Dia.3" x height 4"; Burn time up to 36 hours.

3"x 9" Pillar candle : Dia. 3" x height 5"; Burn time up to 54 hours.

3"x 12" Pillar candle : Dia. 3" x height 6"; Burn time up to 72 hours.

Care Instructions: Keep away from Children, 

Keep away from flammable objects

Always Burn within Sight