WAX PILLAR Candles Set of 4 : Small Pack

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Unscented PILLAR CANDLES Set of 4 of Height 3", 4", 5" and 6" and Dia. 3" : Pillar Candles are available white color and . Perfect to uplift the mood of any room or space. The Cylindrical shaped candles are a blend of soy and paraffin wax. These candles can be used individually or with candle holders.

Perfect to create a serene environment in the room or for festive seasons and celebrations.

3"x3" Pillar candle : Dia. 3" x height 3"; Burn time up to 18 hours.

3"x4" Pillar candle : Dia.3" x height 4"; Burn time up to 24 hours.

3"x5" Pillar candle : Dia. 3" x height 5"; Burn time up to 30 hours.

3"x6" Pillar candle : Dia. 3" x height 6"; Burn time up to 36 hours.

Care Instructions: Keep away from Children, 

Keep away from flammable objects

Always Burn within Sight