Jute Floral Mat (D 14 inch)

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Handwoven Jute Mat in Red and Beige Jute Fibers  (Dia. 14 inch)

These floor mats will keep dust and messy footprints off your floors. These mats are quite durable and easy to clean and Improves the modern look of your home. They are sure to delight your guests with their earth tones and trendy designs. These can also be used as table mats at the centre of the serving table as a insulator & protective cover on glass / marble / wooden top

This a circular Door mat of Diameter 14 inches with made from red and beige colored jute fibers.

The artisans making these products have honed this skills from generation to make a wide a variety of daily use item by hand stitching from the Natural products available near them This is handmade product made form 100 % Natural Jute by the artisans. So make the choice for sustainable lifestyle.