Foldable Mat (Madur) with Handle : Natural Carpet

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Foldable Mat (Madur) with Handle (FH) : Best Natural Carpet like Designed Mat for Indoor

Made of Madur Sticks (Madurkathi) by artisans of Midnapore, West Bengal, India. Its a foldable mat - top with madur stick and back is partially covered with a back sheet fabric and edge is protected all around with fabric cover.. Ideal for everyday regular use - indoor use on floor as well as day time bed cover to keep the bed neat and clean and can be removed during night time and stored easily after folding. Product is having a handle for ease of packing and handling. A good alternative of Carpet like product but very cost effective and easy to use & maintain.

Only dry cleaning recommended and drying in little sunlight is best during monsoon. If not used for months or more - recommended to store inside a closed box or bags - preferably in minimum humid place.

Size: Open - 78" x 54", Folded - 18" x 10.5"

Facts about the Product and Artisans: Madur is an integral part of Bengal’s lifestyle. The origin of the craft ‘Madur’ in West Bengal dates back to the Muslim period, when ‘Masland’ mats of superfine variety with fine cotton as weft were produced under royal patronage. Madur is a tradition and pride of Medinipur. Women of the households are involved in weaving this beautiful craft. More than 5000 artists are involved in Madur weaving in 11 blocks of Purba Medinipur and Paschim Medinipur. Around 74% of the weavers make hand woven mats and the remaining develop loom based products. Few of the traditional mats making families still retain the knowledge of weaving a fine variety of exclusive mats locally known as Masland or Mataranchi. The loom based weavers have been organized into units by local entrepreneurs. There are around 40 of these small units across Purba and Paschim Medinipur. Besides making folding mats, these units have diversified into making various utility items and accessories such as bags, folders, table mats, runners, coasters, boxes etc.