Sabai Grass Round Box

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Sabai Grass Round Shaped Box : Accessory / Jewelry / Trinket Box : Medium Size

Sabai Grass Round Accessory / Jewelry Box / Trinket / Gift Box is a great option for your dressing table. Made of Natural Materials this accessory has a very natural raw look to it that sets it apart from other artificial boxes. It can also be used as a storage containers for other different purposes. The Accessory Box is Round shaped with a lid also made of Pure Sabai Grass.

This is handmade product made form 100 % Natural Sabai Grass by the Tribal artisans of Bengal. These artisans have honed this skills from generation to make a wide a variety of daily use item by hand stitching from the Natural products available near them.

Box Size : Dia. 6.5 x Ht. 3.5 inches