"AYE" : Decorative TABLE LAMP with Wooden or Metal Base

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"AYE" : very finely touched EYE shaped design with curved surface at front & back - and with light it is very much like a storyteller because of the perforated design with an artistic touch which play well with lights along with the dreamy presence.  

It is a terracotta decorative table light for any decor - modern, retro or even little classy fashion : this will glow with its own beauty as table lights. This Light can easily go on tables like TV table, corner table, Bedside table or any place where you wish to have a elegance by play of light and light itself. The product is designed to give you indirect light without hitting your eyes.

Available in Wooden and Metal Base Options

B22 pin type holder is pre fitted with the light fitments on top of a pure wood base. Bulb is not included in the product fixture offered.

Finish : GOLDEN inside & natural terracotta matt finish outside.