CraftLipi is not a business of listed few, it follows a philanthropic, democratic style of function and operation; it is a business of the people, by the people, for the people. This platform has been designed for artists with entrepreneurial bent of mind to showcase and share their art and crafts.

CraftLipi has a mission to “craft a path to marketplace for people who can innovate & make”.

Our constant endeavour is to engage with people who have their own small setup or those with zero setup but working as employees and trying hard to establish independently in this fiercely competitive and hard socioeconomic scenario. The tiny set ups of making small parts that look for work every day are encouraged to innovate and be a part of bigger product development along with others with associated skill sets. Mixing skill sets and blending different materials & process are two major working methods of CraftLipi. Colonization of different skill sets and creating an interesting product from that group is the main objective which will facilitate the art & craft depended people to stand & grow.

CraftLipi has the vision to “improve the living style & lifestyle by one's own creations”.