CONE Terracotta Planters: Set of 3

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Handcrafted Terracotta PLANTERS - CONE PLANTER : set of 3

Nicely designed - simple & elegant, 3 sizes terracotta planter for seasonal flowers, herbs and succulent plants for garden and home decoration. Keep this planter pots in your home balcony, table top, window, sills, workplace table or anywhere as a decoration. The porosity of terracotta pots is one of the most important characteristics. The terracotta clay protects the roots of the plants keeping the humidly uniform inside the soil and it can easily drain or help evaporate extra water. There is no alternative for Terracotta planter / pot for a healthy and good growing plant.

Product Size (approximate) : Big : Dia 13cm X Ht. 15cm , Medium : Dia. 12cm X Ht. 14.5cm, Small : Dia. 11cm X Ht. 14cm 

Weight : 2500gm Approx. for set of 3.