Germination Kit : Set of 50 small pots, 3 trays, 50 pusher tablets

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Plantation / Germination Kit : Set of 50 small pots + 3 trays + 50 pusher tablets (all terracotta)

If you are a Garden Lover - this is a perfect kit to enjoy gardening since early stage of plantation. Terracotta is a perfect material for any type of plantation as this material is having super power to maintain humidity and temperature inside the pot where soil is there. It can also helps to drain out the excess water through surface evaporation.

The rectangular tray can be filled up little bit with coco pit to retain the waiter evenly outside those small pots and moist environment can be maintained. Place those small pots filled with germination suitable soil and seeds inside the tray little filled with coco pit.

 Kit Contains : Set of 50 small pots + 3 trays of size 9inch x 8.5 inch + 50 pusher tablets (all terracotta)