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Handicrafts manufacturers in India

The handicrafts of India have been valued throughout ages.  The existence of such handicraft items to date proves the infinite demand for such traditional art forms and antiquity of importance.  Craftlipi undertakes the work of flag bearer for the preservation of such antique values through promoting such handicraft products in its’ diverse forms.  Craftlipi online store is adorned with well-designed handicraft items to add the feather to the beautify of your home and office space. Every handicraft item at Craftlipi is manufactured by our skilled group of artisans and craftspersons with utmost perfection and care.   We possess the wide variety of handicraft items like none in the domain. Our Handicraft items include from different types of lights and lampshades such as Table Light, Wall Light with a wooden frame, Up Light, Down Light, Decorative Table /Wall/Ceiling Light, Pendant Light etc.

Our varied range of Handicraft items includes puja essentials such as Mini Candle Pod, Pillar Candle with light frequency, Diffuser Candle Stand etc. purely handmade by trained potters and artisans of the district of Howrah in West Bengal. These craft items- cum-showpieces are surely going to bring in a magical ambience at your home assuring the purest form of delight with the pleasure of Natural Light. Apart from Lighting items, we are also the proud producer of items that fall under the category called ‘Green products’ such as handcrafted terracotta water bottle keeping intact the natural taste and flavour of earthy and hygienic water. This product is made of seasoned clay without impurities.  Our handcrafted Kullad and Handi with different shapes and sizes will definitely add special flavour and taste to your food items. Apart from all these, we have a wide range of decorative terracotta Pots and Vases with an evergreen design for interior decoration purpose. Besides, our crafted jewellery items such as Bangles and Earrings are sure to give your looks an ethnic feature keeping with the contemporary fashion trend.

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Wooden Craft Products

Wooden craft products are widely cherished over the years for its aesthetic beauty and decorative value. The annals of history of Indian wooden craft products have been a centre of attraction over the centuries. It is our constant endeavour at Craftlipi to bring the chosen craft products made of hand carved wood at your doorstep at an affordable rate. Our variety of hand-carved wooden products ranges from Dining Table Organizer to crafted Jewellery Box. These decorative wooden craft products are made with a combination of classic taste with a touch of modern design. At craftlipi, our distinguished pieces of wooden craftwork are artistically engraved by skilled artisans of the country. Here at Craftlipi,  foremost priority is given to the quality of our products keeping in mind the contemporary fashion-cum-trend requirements.

 Our wooden handicraft products are not only gorgeous in looking but also made from some of the best quality of woods which posses the finest texture to bring lustre on it. Once you buy our products, you can rest assured about the shine of the wooden products for ages without any botheration of fungal infection or decay since these craft products are well reviewed before getting shipped to our valued customers. At Craftlipi you will have the scope and opportunity to buy wooden craft items such as Asset Box, Dining Table Organizer, to enhance the looks of your home and office space.  Besides enchanting looks, these wooden handicraft items will serve you as a helpful storage unit for keeping all your important documents such as debit or credit cards, passports, bills, money/cash etc. Our Wooden Handicrafts are a perfect blend of creativity and made with high-grade raw materials.

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Handicraft of West Bengal

If you have a special liking for Handicraft items,then Craftlipi is your destination. Craftlipi is one of the top-notch organizations in the country to render its customers with quality decorative handicrafts. Craftlipi has earned great accolades in the field of handcrafted lighting and various colourful lampshades and other exclusively designed décor, utility & wellness products. There are many design solutions for Decorative Lightings – pendant lights, wall lights.

Clay is one of the oldest product materials which are having multiple benefits in décor as well as wellness products. As a material, it is the closest friend of civilization. Terracotta is the form of handicraft items on which we have achieved mastery over the years by making utility products such as Terracotta Water Bottle, Kullad in the form of teacups and snacks serving bowl for everyday use or for individual pleasure.  These are green products and are made of seasoned clay without impurities. These utility handcrafted products have a great demand being artefacts of West Bengal in urban markets. Our product variant has attained great reputation and fame both in terms of intrinsic beautification and aesthetic values. Our lampshades are sure to generate a feeling of charm and divinity through its natural feel and colours, textures, surface decorations etc.  At Craftlipi each item is exotically handcrafted with intricate designs. You can have it all within an affordable price range.  

Craftlipi is the ultimate platform showcasing attractive collectibles which will enhance the beauty of residential as well as the commercial interiors, making your space decorative and colourful – making it very close to nature. Distinctive artefacts in the forms of Handi&Kullads are beautifully crafted with thoughtful designs, are sure to create the impression of enjoying your times near with nature. These beautifully handcrafted items are also available with us to give your home and workplace a unique look. At Craftlipi, each professional is having innate talent and wisdom in their respective domains which in other way help designing a wide range of handicraft items in accordance with the latest market trends and specifications.