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Burning Benzoin aka Loban Dhoop is very powerful for removing negative energy, and purifying your space. It cleanses negativity from the mind and helps you focus and concentrate! Burning loban - it calms you, makes you home feel cleansed and peaceful, and smells simply good : make you feel good and comfortable! It brings peace, harmony and luck in the home. It gets rid of evil and negative forces. Loban enhances the mood, and lifts your spirits. Benzoin oil is great for colds, flu, athsma and coughs! There are a few different names for Benzoin such as Loban, Gum Benzoin, Sambrani, Styrax,...

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Handicraft of West Bengal

If you have a special liking for Handicraft items, then Craftlipi is your destination. Craftlipi is one of the top-notch organizations in the country to render its customers with quality decorative handicrafts.

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