Revive the Soul with Tiny Lights and Smooth Fragrance

Revive the Soul with Tiny Lights and Smooth Fragrance

It is just a tiny light but it touches our soul all the time if you see with some good memories of your everyday life. We must learn to live with the good things we have in our life. If we learn to cheer the moments we love - "detoxification" will happen automatically. In today's time with full day work and end of the day worries are killing all of us.

Are we loosing something precious that we already have but we don't practice or use those to revive and rejuvenate our souls?

Yes, its our own smile which is a spontaneous response our of happiness and sometime its a cry and that too out of extreme happiness - which touches our heart with full of emotion and joy.

Just think of a day when you plan to have dinner with all together at the same time but with candle lights instead of glaring lights...

Just think of a evening while doing yoga with candle lights and a burning dhuna stick (agarbatti)...

I am sure : it will be different : will add another dimension to life with a feeling of heavenly touch of 5 senses. Just try... 

There are more to gain with little addition which are always available but ignored just because our priorities are different and changing and forgetting the "self".

Candles are the primitive solutions for light which are just limited to festivity and religious premises : but they can do the wonders - just go for it and experience the difference.



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  • Amit Vora

    Absolutely wonderful blog & realities of our daily lives presented very well. We have become robots today. Emotions are not left in our hearts.

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