Madur : The Best Carpet of Old Times

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Madur : The Best Carpet of Old Times

It was Sunday : 17th Jan 2021. Visit to Sabong - East Midnapore, West Bengal. It was a long drive to meet Mr. Alok Jana, National level Award Winner who knows the magic of making Madur from the seasoned sticks out of those thin and thick sticks. 

Extracting the fine fiber skin from those sticks and creating "Masland" which sells in 75,000/- + for a size of 6ft x 4ft! Quality is as good as thick silk. Fine touches everywhere. Products of such quality is having good demand outside India. People used to order as per requirements and designs were customized accordingly.

The year 2020 was a very hard year from them. Regular customers are yet to come back and place order. 

It was a good size building West Bengal State Govt has made with many rooms and big space to produce and stock.

Production is almost nil now but all equipment are still shining - came to know that they are experimenting a lot for new products with new methods and processes. And that too only with their hope to come back in track soon. Here we became excited as we need such people who wish to evolve and come up with new : more advanced and trendy. (We = Rajasree & Sanbid along with our two kids Arhit & Tridhya).

We are looking for something new all the time. We wish to innovate with same people and same raw materials but in new applications and may be with evolved processes and techniques.

This is just the beginning. We will be presenting many products that they are making very soon in our platform and we are very sure that you all will be liking those products and use with a pride of "MADE IN INDIA"...

watch the video of the making process of madur mat in YouTube 

We are really exited since then...

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