Indian Craft Products

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Indian Craft Products

Indian Craft Products consist of a blend of a diverse range of artefacts belonging to different provinces of the country.  Keeping this in mind Craftlipi has structured itself with a wide array of modern professionally designed home decor products to cater to the needs of thousands of craft loving people across the country. Considering the taste of individuals, Craftlipi has evolved itself to give wings to the imagination of millions of users with a wide variety of craft products for home décor, utility, wellness and gifting products. Craftlipi has achieved a niche for itself as one of the unique manufacturers and exporters of India for professionally designed & customized craft products, both ethnic and innovative by the design thinking, form & functionality over the years. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of crafted products made of clay, wood and other natural materials handcrafted by trained artisans of West Bengal and other parts of India. Craftlipi is having its own professional team of Industrial Designers, Engineers, Packaging Designers & Branding professionals to give it a shape as a professionally managed brand of India. Our product range comes up with decorative light lampshades such as Table light, Ceiling light of various shapes and sizes which could be placed on a table or mounted on the wall, or ceiling to project indirect illumination for spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, temples, bars & restaurants, modern shops etc. We also possess a varied range of decorative terracotta items in the forms of Pots and Vases to decorate your interior with an ethnic taste but with the flavour of Modern Design by Shapes, Colours, Textures and combination of natural materials etc.

Indian Craft Products  Indian Craft Products

We also have a range of ethnic handcrafted terracotta small products like personal DahiHandi and Tea Cups or so-called Kullad –cum-Wellness products for personal use at home or for feasts and festivities. We put utmost efforts to maintain the taste of ethnic Indian Craft in a modern form of design.    It is our earnest desire to gratify our clients with exquisite and quality craft products to enhance the beauty of your living room and workplace. Every piece of our lighting, other artefacts and home decor materials are made by talented craftsmen depicting local culture, is no doubt add to the intrinsic beauty of any home. Since India is emerging as an Industrial Nation and can produce almost all kinds of goods at a reasonable rate and best quality, Craftlipi prides itself for bringing out the ultimate combination of quality, service and on-time delivery at a competitive price for its valued customers in the segment of Modern Craft Products of India.

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